Rowing Basket bowl

HOI AN ECO TOURS - Rowing Basket bowl at Hoi An Heritage Town.

It is a big regret for you since Exploring Hoi An without try rowing basket bowl with Hoi An Eco TourFor the first time, you will be very dizzy when try to row the basket bowl by yourself, it seem to turn around turn around most of time, despite you try your best to control the basket bowl. It require you must to be very patient, calm down when using it. It’s the reason why so many tourist come to Hoi An want to join with Hoi An Eco Tour for rowing Basket Bowl, the local people here named it is “THÚNG CHAI”, it is quite similar with us, but not too much people can row and control it easily.


√ Tour codeHoi An Daily Tours – Rowing Basket bowl

√ Pick up: Hotel at Hoi An Town

 Destination: Cam Thanh Fishing Village

 Mean: Bicycle | Car

 TourHoi An Daily Tours

√ Departure time: 08:00 Am – 13:30 Pm


√ Web: 

√ Hotline: +84.905.22.33.43 Ms. Van


09:00 Pick up at Hoi An Hotel, move to Cam Thanh wharf.

09:40 Go up to the boat for reaching to Bay Mau Coconut Palm Forest.

09:45 Move to basket boat for starting the journey to explore the BAY MAU COCONUT PALM TOURS: learn how to row the basket boats, fishing crab, throw the net for catching fishes, how to make the hat, grasshopper, rings etc. by coconut palm leaves. Especially is the fantastic performance rowing the basket boat.

11:30 Have lunch at the restaurant and rest on the hut or hammock or leafy house.

14:00 Boat will return guests to Cam Thanh wharf.

14:30 Finish the BAY MAU COCONUT PALM TOURS and transfer guests back to Hotel.

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Don’t hesitate to join with Hoi An Eco TourRowing Basket bowl as information package Tour below: 

PRICE: 650.0000 Vnd|Pax = $30

(Applies to a group of 02 adults or more)


√ Tour guide.

√ Bicycle services.

√ Transfer & pickup 

√ Rowing Basket Bowl Lesson.

√ Lunch.

√ Mineral Water. 0.5l/pax.


√ Tip for tour guide

√ Personal things (sun cream, hat/cap)

√ VAT 


√ Children under 5 years old: FOC.

√ Children from 5 – 9 years old: 75% of the fare.

√ Children over 10 years old charged as an adult.

Wishes you enjoy the tour with us!

Any further information please don’t hesitate to contact us


[A]: Cua Dai – Hoi An – Quang Nam – Viet Nam 
[T]: 0235.936.111– Fax: 0235.936.11 – Hotline: 0905.22.33.43 Ms Van

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