Where Accommodations In Hoi An You Can Stay?

Come to Hoi An tourist will be admired old houses with hundred years old, beautiful beach, ecology village and Cham Island. You will not worried  where can stay any more.

1. Hoi An Homestay -  Hoi An Accommodations

To plan for your trip become more perfect, here are some reference Accommodations in Hoi An which suitable for your pocket:

Hoi An Homestay

No Name  Adress Telephone 
1 Hoi An Calligraphy homestay 120/3 Tran Nhân Tông   0235 3863 912  
2 Hoi An Basil homestay 188 Nguyen Chí Thanh 0235 3921 429
3 Hoi An Blue Lake homestay               02, Thanh Hoa, Tân An  
4 Hoi An Petunia Garden homestay 354/5, Cửa Đại  0935 356 644
5 Hoi An Red Ceramics  homestay 14, Phạm Văn Đong  0916 815 363
6 Hoi An Holy Land homestay 11, Che Lan Viên  0905 950 796
7 Hoi An Green Grass homestay 94, Lê Hong Phong    0235 3864 412
8 Hoi An Backpacker’s homestay 354, Cửa Đại 0905 883 426
9 Hoi An Blan homestay 95 Nguyen Truong To 0235 3915 995
10 Hoi An Countryside homestay     42, Ngô Si Lien  0235 3923 142
Hoi An Homestay

Hoi An Homestay

2. Hoi An Hotel -  Hoi An Accommodations

Hoi An Hotel

No Name  Adress Telephone 
1 An Hoi Hotel 1 69, Nguyen Phuc Chu   0235 3911 888  
2 An Huy Hotel  30, Phan Bội Châu 0235 3862 116
3 Hoi An Glory Hotel            538, Cửa Đại 0235 3914 444
4 Hoi An Grass land Hotel   500, Hai Ba Trưng  0235 3921 921
5 Hoi An Hotel  10, Tran Hưng Đạo 0235 3861 445
6 Hoi An Long Life Hotel  30, Bà Triệu  0235 3916 696
7 Hoi An Sun Flower Hotel 397, Cửa Đại   0235 3939 838
Hoi An Hotel

Hoi An Hotel

3. Hoi An Resort -  Hoi An Accommodations

Hoi An Resort

No Name  Adress Telephone 
1 Anantara Resort & Spa Hoi An 01, Phạm Hong Thai  

0235 3914 555

2 Hoi An Almanity Resort & Spa 326, Ly Thuong Kiet 0235 3914.888
3 Golden Sand Resort Hoi An   Cửa Đại Beach 0235.927.550
4 Hoi An Victoria Resort Cửa Đại Beach  0325.927.404
5 Sunrise Resort Hoi An  Cửa Đại Beach  0235 3937 777
6 Vinpearl Hoi An  Cửa Đại Beach 0235 3753 333
7 Hoi An Palm Garden    Cửa Đại Beach    0235 3864 412
8 Hoi An River Beach  Cửa Đại 0235 3927 888
Hoi An Resort

Hoi An Resort

 Experience overnight at Cham Island, one of the best places you can’t skip during your stay in Hoi An.

Cham Island ( Cu Lao Chàm), is recognized by UNESCO, an atmospheric of the world, it is a lung to protect Hoi an when have climate changes.

To Cham Island you will be admired by its natural beauty, peaceful, just only you and nature, perfect harmony between human and nature. There are two choices for you when experiencing overnight here. One is sleeping outdoors in the Cu Lao Beach, the other is at the local home-stay.

3. Cù lao chàm Homestay

Cham Island Homestay

No Name  Adress
1 Sunbay Homestay Lang Beach, Cham Island 
2 Gia Thanh Homestay  Lang Beach, Cham Island 
3 Truong Kep Homestay            Lang Beach, Cham Island 
4 Monkey Homestay   Lang Beach, Cham Island 
5 Hammock Homestay Lang Beach, Cham Island 
6 Hanh Ly Homestay Huong Beach, Cham Island 
7 Ngo Khanh Homestay Huong Beach, Cham Island  
Cham Island Homestay

Cham Island Homestay 

Through above addresses of Accommodations in Hoi An , you  can  free easily choose one best place for you to stay. Normally, Guest house is cheaper than Home-stay, hotel and resort, it is quite convenient to backpacker.

However, Home-stay is very popular in Hoi an, it is owned by private business. The room is very ventilated and beautiful which nice design and decoration. Tourist is prefer this style more than hotel style. If you want to move a high level for relax reason only, along Cua Dai Beach is the very good choice for you to stay.  

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