Earth Hour 2012

Every year Hoi An ancient town always to join Earth hour with over the world, a lot of tourists in Hoi An like it because  Hoi An stress is clean and quiet. Let us do together join “ EARTH HOUR” 2012 PROGRAMME


- Space: areas around Hoai river; including:

  • + Bach Dang street (from Japanese Brigde to Cam Nam Bridge).
  • + Nguyen Thi Minh Khai street (from Japanese Brigde to Song Hoai square bridge).
  • + Nguyen Phuc Chu street (from Song Hoai Square Bridge to Dong Hiep islet).
  • + Northern bank of Cam Nam ward ( from head of Hamlet 1 to head of Cam Nam Bridge).
  • + Song Hoai Square Street ( from Protestant T- junction to La Hoi street).
  • + Nguyen Hoang street.
  • +Bridges, houses, buildings near T-junctions, crossroads in space of the progamme.

- Time:

  • + Satellite activitives: from March 26 to April 1 , 2012.
  • + Official activitives: on evening of March 31, 2012 ( last evening Saturday of March every year).

- Place: Hoi An city, Quang Nam province

Time Contents Place
March 26, 2012
Deliver fliers to mobilize the people and tourists in Hoi An Town responding to Earth Hour 2012 Whole city
06h00 – 09h30
March 31, 2012
Parade on bicycles
– Collect litters on Hoi An beach, in the ancient town and plant trees to protect environment.
– Parade in the ancient town and deliver fliers popularizing the way to protect environment and Earth Hour.
- Cua Dai beach, the ancient town.
– Streets in the ancient town.
08h00 – 20h00 Audio system of Walking Streets broadcasts songs of environment alternatively The ancient town
18h30 – 22h00 Project pictures of Earth Hour in the world, in Viet Nam, in Hoi An old town and pictures propagandizing environmental protection. Chau Thuong Van street
19h00 Artist – Goodwill Ambassador of Earth Hour calls upon environmental protection on pedicab The ancient town
19h30 – 22h00 Sell illuminations for charity fund 02 heads of An Hoi Bridge, T-junction of Le Loi-Bach Dang streets, supplement bridge at Japanese Bridge, Song Hoai Square.
19h30 – 20h30 Artistic programme “Act in Earth Hour” : Art performance – deliver speech-Proclaim Earth Hour 2012… Song Hoai Square
20h00 – 21h30 Illumination festival “Sparkling Hoai River” Hoai River
20h30 – 21h30 Programme “Hoi An – City without electricity and respond to Earth Hour” Hoi An ancient town and the whole city
Installation contest “Hoi An Icon, Quang Nam Icon with Earth Hour” – Contest of team singing. An Hoi Sculpture Garden
Traditional art activitives. Areas arround and on Hoai River
21h30 End “Earth Hour” The ancient town
21h30- 22h15 Continue art performing programme “ Act in Earth Hour” Song Hoai Square


Source: hoianworldheritage

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