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It’s time for you to join in our folk games with your family, relatives, friends after hard working days. Come to Hoi An Eco Tour You seem freelance to enjoy fresh air, play some special countryside games such as tug game, shaking basket bowl, zip line, cooking rice in clay pot, fishing tour etc. Hoi An Eco Tour - Hoi An Daily tours- Team Building Activities will bring you to the childhood age without thinking any more about the hard life outside. 

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With a hang clay pot on the tree, you will broke the clay pot with a mask blind your eye, you just privilege to use a bamboo stick to broken the clay pot without seeing anything, at that time you will hear the voice outside instruction and guess where direction you will broke it. Any team broke most clay pot will be bingo. Wow! Fantastic with is full of laughing noise. We have so many interesting games for you to join so far. Let’s join with us Hoi An Eco Tour Hoi An Daily toursTeam Building Activities


You can be boast with your friends after joining some games of Team Building Activities. You did a good farmers, good fisher man, good cook. 

Hoi An Eco Tour - Hoi An Daily tour- Team Building Activities will be your best choice to explore Hoi An


Wishes you enjoy the tour with us!

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