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What Hoi An Essential Information do you want to know about Hoi An Ancient  Town?

Hoi An Eco Tour - Hoi An News is delighted to support you some value Hoi An Essential Information when exploring Hoi an. It will be a wonderful guide during your stay in Hoi An. It is not mention to fantastic food review including one of the most coveted expat secrete and other ones great things for visiting Hoi An Town.Hoi-An-Old-Town

Hoi An Old Town – Japanese Bridge

Some useful Hoi An Essential Information since come to Hoi An

® Time open & Close in Hoi An Old Town?

During the working week there are certain times you are not allow to ride your bike or electric bike in to the Old Quarter. These are Monday to Saturday.

√ 8:00am – 11:00am

√ 02:00pm – 04:30pm

√ 06:30pm – 09:00pm

√ Sunday: The roads are open to motorbike excluding the motorbike from 6:00pm to 9:00 pm

The best way to Hoi An’s Old Town attractions is to buy the ticket from various booth around town including The Hoi An Office tourist (78 Le Lợi St, Phan Chu Trinh St, etc).

® Full moon Night Legend

Every month Hoi An Old Town celebrate the full moon to shine and burning incense. The Old Quarter is pedestrians (no bike or motorbike vehicles until after 9:00pm) and florescent lights. It made Hoi An Ancient  Town become more warm and charm by it special night with many lantern was sparkling moving in the Hoai River. It correspond with the 14th day of the lunar calendar.

Hoi An Full Moon

® Bicycle/ Motobike

You can ask the hotel for hiring a bicycle or motorbike with very cheap price:

√ Bicycle: 50.000 đồng/day

√ Motobike: 200.000 đồng/day

√ Petrol: 23.000/lit

® Motobike Taxi ( Xe Ôm)

Depend on how far is your hotel, normally it cost 25.000 đồng to Old Town ( @ 2km area). It is better to bargain with the driver.

® Taxi

There are some taxi companies such as:

√ Mai Linh Taxi (white & green). It use the meter. Tel: 0235. 3 92 92 92

√ Faifo Taxi (Yellow). It use the meter. Tel: 0235. 3 91 91 91

√ Grab: It is a fast booking via internet. You can easily book through your cellphone.

® Cyclo ( Xe Tho)

All the cyclo here have the number plates and are managed by the local people. The driver will drive you to all the visiting attractions with amount 120.000 dong. Most of the drivers here are very honest.

® Boats

You can take the trip to the Hoi An river coconut palm and back to the town with price 100.000dong or you can try to rowing the basket bowl with rate 200.000 with the local experience guide.

® Street food

√ Cao Lau ( Hoi An special noodle): 35.000 dong

√ My Quang : 20.000-30.000 dong (another special noodle for Quang Nam)

√ Barbecue pork:  10.000/piece

√ Banh xeo ( pan cake): 5.000 dong/piece

√ Che (sweet soup): 15.000/cup

√ Tofu: 10.000/bowl/cup

√ Grill sweet potatoes: 5.000/ piece

√ Peanut bag: 20.000/bag

√ Quail egg: 20.000/bag

grill pork

® Drinks

√ Mineral water : 7.000 dong/bottle ( small) – 10.000 dong/bottle (big)

√ Soft drinks: 10.000/ can

√ eer: 15.000/can

® Basic items

√ Conical hat: 30.000 dong

√ Souvenir shirt: 100.000 dong

√ Rain coat: 10.000-15.000 dong

√ Tiger balm: 30.000 dong

√ Slipper: 50.000 dong

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