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A unique and unique variety show in Vietnam, located in Hoi An Impression Park. Hoi An Memories shows is proud to be an art and cultural product of Vietnamese people of international stature in the ancient town of Hoi An.

Hoi An Memories Show

Hoi An Memories Show

With the most spectacular stage in Vietnam, with a professional cast of up to 500 performers. Will take you to each emotional level, go back to the past and experience a glorious golden age of Hoi An on the international Silk Road.

Welcome to Hoi An Memories Show

Welcome to Hoi An Memories Show

1. Introducing Hoi An Memories Show

The show “Hoi An Memories” with 05 main performances was staged, meticulously invested from content to form, from costumes to outdoor scenes. The show is integrated and uses the unique language of poetry mixed with modern music and lighting

Part 3: Ben Bo Show

Part 3: Ben Bo Show

Hoi An memories have revived different levels of emotions: Sometimes it’s romantic, nostalgic with a romantic love story. Sometimes becomes lively and bustling of an international cultural exchange trading port

 2. Ticket price list for Hoi An memory show in 2022

Ticket class Ticket price Seat information
Hoi An Impressionist Park 100,000 VND  Ticket to visit the entire Hoi An Impressionist Park
Eco class 600,000 VND  Opposite row, near the stage
High class 750,000 VND  The main row at center, opposite the stage
VIP Class 1,200,000 VND  The top row covers the entire stage

Electronic ticket with QR Code of each visitor when watching Hoi An Memories Show

3. Combo price list for Hoi An memory show tickets in 2022

Ticket class Ticket price Seat information
Hoi An Impressionist Park 100,000 VND  Ticket to visit the entire Hoi An Impressionist Park
Eco class 750,000 VND  Dinner + Opposite row, near the stage
High class 900,000 VND  Dinner + The main row at center, opposite the stage
VIP Class 1,350,000 VND  Dinner + The top row covers the entire stage

Nón Lá Restaurant in Hoi An Impressive Park, where serves your dinner

Non La restaurant

Non La restaurant

4. What’s interesting about Hoi An memory show?

 Hoi An Memories Show taking place at Impression Park is a unique and special art performance program with over 500 performers. The show is elaborately and spectacularly choreographed when combining choreography with the language of sound, light and music with a modern stage.

Part 2: Wedding show

Part 2: Wedding show

 The content of Hoi An memory show is presented in a spectacular way, through 5 impressive performances, and has taken away many emotions from viewers.

Time Hoi An Memories show program
19:30 Check-in at lobby, sit in the correct seat class printed on the ticket

Part 1: Life

Recreate a vivid picture of Hoi An’s life and people, through the performance of 100 girls wearing graceful “áo dài”.


Part 2: Wedding

–          This is the most splendid, majestic, shimmering performance.

–          Reminding for young generations about Princess Huyen Tran, who sacrifice in exchange for peace for the country.


Part 3: Lights and Sea

–          The tragic love story of a boy and girl

–          Sailing on the sea to trade goods with foreign countries.

–          Every night, the girl drops flower lanterns on Hoai River

–          Pray for her’s lover to return soon in the memorable of a real love.


Part 4: Landing

–          The show shows us the memories of a time of the bustling trading port of Hoi An in the 16th and 17th centuries

–          Through acting skills, to subtle effects of sound, light and a large number of performers.


Part 5: Ao Dai

–          End the performance of Ao Dai through unique ethnic dances.

–          Admire the beauty of Vietnamese women, bringing viewers back to modern life.

–          Return to an ancient but no less dynamic and modern Hoi An in a peaceful, gentle and delicate way.

21:15 End of the show Hoi An Memories at Impression Park

 5. Experience Hoi An Impressive Park

Hoi An Impressionist Park is a complex consisting of a real scene, a spiritual area, an auxiliary area, a check-in landscape, an indoor theater, a cultural village, a commercial area…

The Ao Dai Show

The Ao Dai Show

Impressive Park – A Unique Destination in Hoi An

5.1 Visiting and discovering activities at Impression Park include

It can be said that the cultural theme Impressionism Park “Hoi An Impression” is a very unique destination, with a show of an international scale, elaborately choreographed in a subtle and classy way. Enjoy your time at here, you can watch a unique and unique show in Vietnam

Hoi An Impressionist Park

Hoi An Impressionist Park

  • Old Quarter: On both sides are close-knit old houses, food vendors, houses selling living utensils, silk shops, lanterns…
  • Traditional craft stalls: Bronze casting, cloth weaving….
  • Very beautiful check-in bridges
  • Colorful central square: Visitors can check in at the light and shimmering palm hill
  • Japan – Chinese Market: Chinese and Japanese architecture coexisted and developed at 17th centuries
  • Watch mini shows, participate in folk games such as “múa sạp”, “ô quan”, “nu na nu nống” …
  • There are also outdoor games for children, groups, families, and competitions for visitors to showcase their talents and have fun with their loved ones.