Bay Mau Coconut Palm Forest in Cam Thanh Village, Hoi An

Bay Mau Coconut Palm Forest, also known as Cam Thanh Coconut Palm Forest, 25km far from Da Nang, is a unique attraction ecotourism destination in Hoi An with full of green coconut palm.

Why is it called Bay Mau Coconut Palm Forest? Because there were seven hecta (70.000 m2) of coconut palm free-developed before. Then it becomes a revolutionary base at that time. Bay Mau Coconut Palm Forest is located in the lower part of the two large rivers: Thu Bon River and Co Co River before flowing into the sea.


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Customer is really exciting with throwing the net to catch fish

Bay Mau Coconut Palm Forest is in Thanh Tam Dong Village and Thanh Nhut Village in Cam Thanh commune, about 5km from Hoi An. With the priority is mangrove water, discreet, protected by river so it is very convenient for guerrilla warfare?

Bay Mau Coconut Palm Forest has experienced nearly 20 years of resistance against French colonialists and American Army from 1948 to 1967. In 1966, the American soldiers cut off all the aid, tied up entire the resident in here and set fire to homes so that soldiers could not interact with the local people.

After that, the soldiers have mobilized themselves, caught shrimp, fish, eat coconut palm in the coconut palm forest to live in a long time. In 1967, local guerrillas took a dive in the water, continued to fight with unpowered troops and won.

From here, the Bay Mau Coconut Palm Forest has become a firm shelter for revolutionary forces, safety hidden place. Bay Mau Coconut Palm Forest has entered the history of the homeland, as a dead zone, grave to the enemy.

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Bay Mau Coconut Palm Forest  before

Today, the Bay Mau Coconut Palm Forest becomes an amazing ecosystem attraction and variety of valuable animals such as shrimp, crabs, fish and birds etc.

Visit Bay Mau Coconut Palm Forest you will have chance to experience exciting activities such as rowing the baskets bowl, racing the basket bowl, picking coconut palm by yourself, watching fishermen rowing basket bowl, see the local person made souvenirs gifts from coconut palm leaves such as rings, necklaces, caps, grasshoppers, hat etc.