Review Da Nang Yacht Cruise of Han River Viet Nam

Han River Cruise is a wonderful experience to explore the natural beauty and culture of Da Nang City Viet Nam. We will delve into the details of the Han River yacht, from the services provided to the exciting activities you can participate in.

Vinh Anh Yacht on Han River

Introduction to Da Nang Yacht Cruise

Da Nang yacht cruise is a popular form of tourism in Viet Nam. It offers visitors a unique perspective to discover the Han River. The cruise ships are usually designed with luxury and fully equipped with amenities, providing comfort and relaxation for tourists.

Services of Da Nang yacht cruise on Han River

Da Nang Yacht Cruise offers many attractive services to meet customers’ needs. Here are some popular services you can enjoy:

Sightseeing cruise

A sightseeing cruise is a great experience to explore the Han River and famous landmarks along the river. Tourists can admire beautiful scenery, take photos, and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of the Han River.

Dinner on the Da Nang yacht cruise

Da Nang yacht cruise also provides dinner services on board. Tourists can enjoy delicious food and participate in entertainment activities on the cruise. This is an ideal experience for groups of friends, families, or couples who want to have a memorable evening.

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Da Nang yacht cruise rental service

If you want to explore the Han River at your own pace, you can rent a Da Nang yacht cruise personal boat. There are various sizes and types of boats available for rent. You can either drive the boat yourself or hire a professional guide

Exciting activities on Da Nang yacht Cruise

Da Nang yacht cruise offers not only great services but also many exciting activities for tourists:

Enjoy local dinner cuisine

Tourists can indulge in local cuisine on the Da Nang yacht cruise. With delicious dishes prepared by professional chefs, you will have the opportunity to explore the flavors of Vietnamese through traditional and modern dishes.

Participate in entertainment activities

Da Nang yacht cruise also offers various entertainment activities to make your trip more enjoyable. You can participate in games, music performances, or even organize a dance party on the cruise. This is a great opportunity to connect with others and create memorable moments.

Relaxation and enjoying the peaceful atmosphere

One of the greatest benefits of the Han River Cruise is providing a peaceful space for relaxation and enjoyment of life. You can sit on the deck, admire the Han River, and immerse yourself in the serene atmosphere. This is a wonderful way to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and find inner peace.


Da Nang yacht cruise is a worthwhile experience when you visit Da Nang. The diverse services and exciting activities on the cruise will bring you unforgettable memories. Exploring the beauty of the Han River, indulging in local cuisine, and relaxing in the peaceful atmosphere on the cruise will be a fantastic experience for your trip