“Moonlight” Bridge – The Best Check In Destination At Hoi An Impression Park

The Moonlight Bridge is a beautiful bridge that attracts tourists who come to check in and save their best moments pictures during their trip to Hoi An Impression Theme Park. 

The Moonlight Bridge is the way connecting the two communes of Cam Chau and Cam Nam across the Thu Bon River, with a total length way is 110m, investor by GAMI Joint Stock Company – The Impressive Hoi An Park. 

Moonlight Bridge means “The loving moon, reflecting on the Thu Bon river to welcoming all customers to the old town.” The image evokes the impression of Hoi An which was once a famous trading port in the past.

Moonlight Bridge at Hoi An Memory Park officially opened on March 2022 to welcome visitors on the great day: the day ceremony opening of the Quang Nam National Tourism Year, March 26, 2022.

This is the new area, that wishes to be a point of virtual check-in, exclusively for tourists visiting Hoi An and customers participating in the Hoi An

A unique and unique variety show in Vietnam. Displaying “Hoi An Memories” with modern new 3D effect technologies, combined with a 25,000 square meter sky stage promises to bring guests an “emotional party of vibrates the senses”

The Hoi An Memories show takes a lot of tears from the customer with real scenes running back up the history about 400 years before the Faifo trading port.

Come to the ancient land of Faifo, now the ancient town of Hoi An. In the past, it was a land of cultural trade, trading in ceramics, and exchanging goods on the international Silk Road, along with delicate cultural stories about the land and people here.