The calligraphy class in Hoi An attracts international tourists

Approachable and easy to understand, Mr. Dong Huynh’s calligraphy class in Hoi An attracts more and more young international students. Not only do they understand the meaning and appreciate the beauty of each character, but practicing calligraphy helps the writer cultivate their mind, train their character, and find balance in modern life

Master Dong Huynh at Hoi An calligraphy learning class

Foreign people are excited about Hoi An calligraphy class

In Hoi An, only Mr. Dong Huynh’s calligraphy class is dedicated to young foreigners… The calligraphy class is located in the center of the ancient town by Mr. Dong, a veteran calligraphy teacher, which is both a place to exchange and discuss the art of calligraphy, as well as a meeting space for young international people who are passionate about calligraphy

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Hoi An Calligraphy Class

In the room with the faint smell of ink hanging calligraphy with soft, flying strokes, Mr. Dong’s Vietnamese calligraphy class attracts quite a few young students.

With the elegant, scholarly demeanor of a teacher, Mr. Dong Huynh only considers himself a calligraphy player, passionate about the beauty of the characters, so he opened a class to teach young people with the same hobby Calligraphy is inherently associated with the image of old scholars, an elegant hobby that expresses the soul of the writer. In the context of today’s developing society, many young people find balance in this subject associated with a brush, ink, and absorbent paper

Inspired by the art of Vietnamese calligraphy, Mr. Dong opened a calligraphy class in Hoi An so that students could understand the meaning of each word and phrase so that the strokes and soul could find harmony. Moreover, calligraphy helps visitors have moments of peace after stressful working hours

Joining the Hoi An calligraphy class, starting to get acquainted with how to hold a brush and take ink, practicing the central strokes, flying strokes, and sổ strokes… ten fingertips are full of ink. It is not easy to write beautiful characters with a brush, but it is this difficulty that makes visitors “be careful”.

Many visitors also choose to hang calligraphy paintings as a form of decoration, creating harmony in the house. Not only that, many calligraphy writing applications used on phones are enthusiastically received by young people, showing that young people are increasingly interested in national cultural values.

 In the Hoi An calligraphy class, you have to come into contact with pens, ink, inkwells, and paper. The calligraphy class is not only a place to exchange and discuss writing techniques, and layouts… but also a space for young people to cultivate their knowledge of literature, and poetry… Therefore, the content of the calligraphy often expresses contemplation about life, philosophies of life, and human enlightenment.

It can be seen that the Hoi An calligraphy class is an art form of expressing language, but it is also a means of expressing people’s inner thoughts. The curved, round, and winding strokes are difficult, but they train perseverance, caution, and meticulousness, helping the writer to contemplate the philosophies of life, art, and language, enriching their own life experiences.

Calligraphy is also a thread that connects people with the same interests, sharing views, and feelings, and creating characters, while also helping young people learn more about the nation’s cultural heritage. Although each person comes to Vietnamese calligraphy with different purposes, they all ultimately come to love and cherish traditional cultural values.

The Hoi An calligraphy class is contributing to promoting the development and dissemination of this subject, while also forming a community of international visitors who love the beauty of calligraphy imbued with Vietnamese culture.