Basic Calligraphy Class For Tourists In Hoi An

Calligraphy class for international tourists who love art when visiting and exploring Hoi An, Vietnam. The calligraphy course brings the unique cultural features of Vietnam to the world and reaches deeper into this extremely unique and fascinating art form.

Hoi An calligraphy learning class

The purpose of the Hoi An Calligraphy class

The calligraphy class is one of the exciting subjects that attracts tourists when coming to Hoi An. We research and provide information related to calligraphy by teaching classes for international visitors when coming to Vietnam

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Hoi An Calligraphy Class

The Hoi An calligraphy class focuses on building the core values of a good calligrapher, a solid calligraphy foundation so that each person can self-study, explore, and develop themselves in the way that they feel is suitable.

Who should attend the Hoi An calligraphy class?

The Hoi An calligraphy class is not as difficult as many people think, just focus for a few hours and practice hard, you can initially approach the methods and ways to create a complete work

Those who have studied calligraphy feel that they have not achieved the effect of cultivating their mind, cultivating their character, and learning the profound humanistic values in life because they have not yet had access to a truly effective course.

If you are looking for an effective method where learners and teachers can connect directly with each other and join a large community of calligraphy lovers in Hoi An, then this is the perfect choice for you.

Content of the Hoi An calligraphy class

Learn about the history of the birth and development of calligraphy, understand the character of calligraphers in Vietnamese history and countries around the world

  • Initial guidance on choosing the four treasures of the study, how to select paper, how to hold the pen correctly, how to choose ink, and how to choose an inkstone that suits your needs and personality.
  • Guide to basic calligraphy strokes: horizontal strokes, vertical strokes, hook strokes, loop strokes, curved strokes, sketch strokes, flick strokes, etc
  • Guide to practicing basic characters, providing commonly used alphabets
  • Guide to writing large and small characters
  • Explanation of the rules and layout in calligraphy
  • Learn about the content to put into the calligraphy work, and study calligraphy books to enrich your knowledge

Values that the Hoi An calligraphy class brings:

The Hoi An calligraphy class will help you build a solid foundation before moving on to the next chapters, so calligraphers can easily reap the practical benefits of practicing calligraphy daily.

Creativity is also an important factor because the Hoi An calligraphy course will create a dynamic, fun learning environment with many useful activities to help students feel motivated and constantly creative.

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