Top of the most exciting tourist destination in Hoi An visit by electric car

Hoi An, a charming ancient town in central Vietnam, is not only a destination of ancient stone roads and traditional wooden houses but also a popular tourist destination with exciting experiences when using electric cars. Here are the top places that visitors can visit by Hoi An electric car

Hoi An electric car

Tourist destinations you can visit by Hoi An electric car

Hoi An Ancient Town is the heart of the city, where visitors can explore the ancient space with narrow streets, classic wooden houses, and traditional handicraft shops. Using the Hoi An electric car makes it easy for visitors to move through small alleys and explore the hidden corners of the ancient town comfortably and conveniently

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Tra Que Vegetable Village

About 3km west of the center of Hoi An, Tra Que Vegetable Village is an ideal stopover for those who want to learn about the life of the local people here and enjoy the peaceful space of the countryside. Here, visitors can admire the green vegetable fields and visit the families growing vegetables to learn more about the traditional vegetable growing profession of the local people. In addition, you can also buy fresh vegetables here if you want

Bay Mau palm coconut Forest

Located on the Thu Bon River, Bay Mau Coconut Forest is a beautiful and preserved natural area. Here, visitors can relax and enjoy the fresh air of the coconut forest, admire the rows of tall coconut trees, and even participate in activities such as fishing, discussing, or simply relaxing and walking around

Cham Island

An archipelago located about 15km east of Hoi An, Cu Lao Cham is an unspoiled paradise with beautiful beaches and diverse biology. Visitors can rent a Hoi An electric car to travel to Cua Dai port, board a high-speed canoe to join the Cu Lao Cham daily tour to explore beautiful beaches such as Ong beach, Huong beach, and visit other tourist attractions on the island such as Hai Tang pagoda, Champa ancient well

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An Bang Beach

Located about 4km east of the center of Hoi An, An Bang Beach is one of the most beautiful and peaceful beaches in Hoi An. On the electric car, visitors can easily move and enjoy the quiet space of the white sand and clear blue water.

Visitors enjoy sightseeing tours by Hoi An electric car

Why visit Hoi An by electric car?

Visiting Hoi An by electric car brings many benefits and special experiences, here are some reasons why you should choose this means of transport

Environmental protection: Electric vehicles are environmentally friendly because they do not cause harmful emissions, do not pollute the air or cause noise. Using electric cars while visiting Hoi An is a small but meaningful way to protect the environment and preserve the natural beauty of the ancient city

Convenient and flexible: Renting or using an electric car to visit Hoi An is usually very economical and flexible. You can easily move back and forth between attractions without having to wait for a bus or find other public transport services

Electric cars are compact in size, easy to move through narrow roads and alleys of Hoi An Ancient Town. This helps visitors save time and effort when exploring destinations in the city that other vehicles cannot reach

Safe and comfortable: Electric cars are not only a safe means of transport but also provide a comfortable and pleasant feeling for visitors throughout the sightseeing journey. With no noise and no dust, visitors can relax and enjoy the quiet space of Hoi An without being affected by the surrounding environment.

Exploring Hoi An by electric car not only brings a convenient and enjoyable experience but is also the best way to enjoy the peaceful and simple beauty of this ancient city. From immersing yourself in the historic ancient town space to exploring the peaceful countryside villages and admiring the beautiful scenery of the sea and forest, Hoi An always brings memorable experiences to visitors

With the above reasons, it is not difficult to understand why Hoi An has become one of the most popular destinations in Vietnam. And visiting Hoi An by electric car will definitely be an indispensable part of any visitor’s exploration journey. Add our top list of tourist destinations that you can visit by Hoi An electric car to start your journey to explore the ancient town right away