Hoi An Eco Tour Visit Cam Thanh Coconut Village Full Information

Bay Mau coconut village is located at hamlets 2, Cam Thanh commune, Hoi An city, Quang Nam from 4 km to Hoi An center. Cam Thanh coconut village is an attractive eco-tourism of Viet Nam

Currently, young people instead of choosing to go to Cham island tour combines sightseeing, check in virtual living with the most extreme corners at Bay Mau coconut Hoi An eco tour.

Experience Basket boat at Cam Thanh Coconut Village

This experience sharing article is not too long, conveying to tourists come to Cam Thanh coconut village, but will be useful to those who want, interested and wish to come here once.

1. What to prepare when going to Cam Thanh coconut village?

Explore the entire Bay Mau coconut Hoi An eco tour area safely and economically. We look forward to sharing our valuable experiences so that the trip has the best preparation and success.

  • ​Conical hats, life jackets, umbrellas
  • Spandex, shorts, sneakers
  • ​Sunscreen, ant parasitic cream
  • ​​Summer is quite hot, you should bring a mini fan
  • ​Motion sickness or fever medicine

Visit Cam Thanh Coconut river

2. How to come to Cam Thanh coconut village?

The tourists often come to Bay Mau coconut village from Da Nang, some tourists come to from Hoi An ancient town, or Vinpearl Hoi An, Cham island

The distance from Da Nang to Bay Mau coconut village is about 30 km, and from Hoi An center to here is about 5 km… and other attractions at Quang Nam.

  • ​Motorbike: Suitable with young people, and families who want to save costs, experience the feeling of freedom
    • Motorbike ​rental in Da Nang: From 120,000 vnđ
    • Motorbike rental​ price in Hoi An: From 120,000 vnd
    • The rental price does not include gasoline
    • Note: It is recommended to wear a helmet during the journey
  • ​​Cars: Suitable for families with and have economic conditions.
    • Car ​rental in Da Nang: about 450,000/2 way/4 seats
    • Car ​rental in Hoi An: 50,000 – 70,000 vnđ/1 way/ 4 seats
    • ​You can choose a taxi or a technology grab.
    • In addition, Cam Thanh coconut tour including the car pick up and drop off at Da Nang, Hoi An city
  • Wooden ​boat: Pick you up from Hoi An, move along the Thu Bon River to the tourist area
    • ​Travel time: about 30 minutes.
    • ​​Visit the life along the Thu Bon River
    • ​Take photos, check in with Moonlight Bridge at Hoi An impression park…

3. Tickets to visit the Cam Thanh coconut village

The price of basket boat tickets at Bay Mau coconut tourist area makes a lot of visitors bewildered.  At present, the ticket price of Bay Mau coconut forest is listed differently by businesses on river tours

Cam Thanh Coconut Village ticket

Please note that you should choose the true company, with a business tour license. When ordering a service, ask the organizer to show it to you, because in case something happens, you still have information to ask for compensation.

3.1 The price list of Bay Mau coconut tourist

  • ​​Entrance fee: 30,000 VND (Applicable to all visitors)
  • ​Basket boat price: 250,000 VND /basket (maximum 2 guests)
  • Tickets include:
    • ​basket dance performance
    • ​​Watching singing performances on the river
    • Crab ​fishing
    • Fishing trawl
  • Wooden boat​ rental: 450,000 VND /boat / trip 45 minutes (maximum 6 guests)
  • Motorbike or car parking b​price: 10,000 – 50,000 VND
  • ​​Lunch at Bay Mau Coconut restaurant: From 2500,000 vnd/ 1 set menu

3.2 What is the price of Cam Thanh Coconut village including?

Many travelers ask questions? Why was there such a disparity? Depending on the tour price you choose, you will be served different guests such as: Basket boat time, sightseeing places, and the accompanying promotions, so the price will also be different!

Cam Thanh Coconut Village restaurant

  • Tickets to visit and experience Bay Mau coconut village including:
    • Entrance fee
    • ​​Life jackets (always during the journey)
    • ​​Umbrella
    • ​​Basket boat (2 pax/1 basket)
    • Activities of fun, sightseeing, experience on the river

4. What is special at Bay Mau coconut village?

Bay Mau Cam Thanh coconut forest, Hoi An Quang Nam with nearly 100 hectares, is known as a famous historical place, but also an eco-tourism area attractive to international visitors.

Tourist activities at Bay Mau coconut fishing village open from 07h00 and will be closed at 18:00 daily. Not only beautiful with natural, in here visitors are also impressed by the types of boats, baskets moving on the colorful river…

Cooking class at the Hoi An Coconut village

Moreover, in the Hoi An eco Cam Thanh village journey to visit and experience Bay Mau coconut tourist area by basket boat, tourists can also participate in activities such as:

  • Basket boat dance performance
  • ​Singing karaoke with the fishermen
  • ​​Experience being a real fisherman
  • Fishing ​​scales
  • Crab ​fishing.
  • ​​Check in the virtual live, with the shimmering pictures
  • ​​Learn about the history, culture at the coconut village

5. What to eat in Cam Thanh coconut village?

In case you travel to the coconut vilage on your own, do you want to experience everything here? At least it takes more than 6 hours to experience the entire Bay Mau coconut village. So you can eat independently, or bring snacks prepared before the trip.

Hoi An Eco Tour Visit Cam Thanh Coconut Village Full Information

Do not miss the coconut water foods: A very natural and characteristic product in Bay Mau coconut forest

You are booking Hoi An Cam Thanh coconut 1 day tour, the meals including on tour with unique and very delicious dishes. Besides, if you want to become to the master chef you can book tour Hoi An eco Cam Thanh cooking class 

Please refer to the lunch meals menu at Bay Mau coconut village

Lunch menu Cam Thanh village

1 Banana flower salad
2 Steamed clam ginger lemongrass
3 Salted Roasted Shrimp
4 Fried chicken with chili and lemongrass
5 Fried fish with fish sauce
6 Quang Cantaloupe
7 Stir-fried spinach with garlic
8 Chopped cabbage broth
9 Steam rice
10  Dessert

In addition, you can order your requirements foods at the local restaurant.. You can order the seafood from Cham island such as: Stone crab, abalone, lobster…

This is a practical experience shared by you traveling on your own, experiencing at Bay Mau coconut Hoi An tourist. The valuable information helps you have the best sightseeing journey and experience when coming to Quang Nam, Viet Nam