Dinner BBQ Menu At Cham Island Hoi An Homestay 2 Days Tour

Coming to Cham island 2 days tour stay at homestay is an interesting and attractive experience for visitors this summer. Don’t just stop at emotions when moving with speedboat, scuba diving to see corals or explore the most unique attractions on the island.

It is great time with private to enjoy the BBQ night watching the sea, can not be expressed in words… Call us via WhatsApp 0916 52 8884 for booking with the most beautiful place at Cham island homestay

BBQ dinner at Cham island homestay

BBQ dinner at Cham island homestay

What will make you never forget about the trip: Enjoy a private BBQ dinner at the Cham Island homestay where you are staying!

1. BBQ dinner at Cham island

With private space and extreme view, shimmering the most beautiful island of Cham island. This is also the ideal dinner place for couples, enjoy the romantic atmosphere the most beautiful moments when they are together.

BBQ dinner at Cham island with romantic space just for you

BBQ dinner at Cham island with romantic space just for you

With a menu of grilled seafood dishes, rustic, bearing the emotional taste of fishermen of the island. The ingredients are simple but still exudes the monumental look of the specialties of the island.

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One thing you can rest assured, seafood is served in the BBQ evening by the fishermen themselves, caught during the day. That is also the reason why most tourists always love Cham island seafood .

Seafood BBQ dinner menu at Ong Beach Cham island

Guests refer to the dishes on the BBQ menu for dinner Cham island tour 2 days stay at Homestay

1.1 BBQ menu at Cham island homestay

In addition to the items on the menu, guests can change or request more according to their preferences (please inform 12 hours in advance before ordering).

1 Grilled Fish
2 Grilled Squid with spicy
3 Grilled Pork
4 Grilled scallops
5 Gilled Oyster with spicy
6 Grilled Snails
7 Vegetbles
8 Shrimp rice soup


  • Cham island 2 days tour does not include drinks
  • In case you need to order more food and drinks, Please pay your bill at homestay
  • If you wish to change your food, please inform us in advance.
  • Before booking Cham island tour , you should ask in advance about special taste preference: Vegetarian, diet …
  • Please inform details when booking Cham Island Hoi An eco tour.

In case your group goes with family groups, groups of friends, it is best to choose BBQ dinner together is the most reasonable.

1.2 BBQ dinner place at Cham island

Together to share the joy and joy in work or in life in front of the the sea. Or meet friends, have a toast to each other and have a day of reunion.

Set BBQ for groups of families in Cham island

With the most expensive location at Cham island homestay BBQ dinner has to be very positive about the quality of the meal from visitors. In addition, tourists join Cham island 1 day tour also come and book BBQ dinner table at homestay.

Not only that, Cham island homestay also organizes to welcome and serve traveler to have lunch

What are you waiting for to have the best pictures in the tour of  Cham island 2 days 1 night. Let us prepare the best services for you when visiting here