What Is An Attractive At Hoi An Eco Cam Thanh Coconut Village Tour?

Hoi An Quang Nam Viet Nam have alot of famous place such as: Cham island, Tra Que Vegetable village, Cam Thanh coconut palm village are an interesting tourist destination for who love the nature.

Cam Thanh coconut village from 3 km to Hoi An ancient town. The reason, people call “Bay Mau village” is a forest used to be about 7 acres of coconut growing.

Attractive at Cam Thanh coconut village tour

Hoi An eco tour would like to recommend some customer reviews for Cam Thanh coconut palm village each tour.

1. What is a Cam Thanh coconut village?

Today, the Cam Thanh coconut forest becomes a unique eco-tourism area and is visited many tourists every day. There is interesting attractive tourism that makes many visitors come to Hoi An.

1.1 Experiencing unique basket boat feeling

The special in here is the extremely skillful performance of the local fishermen. Visitors can experience on the basket dance by the dizzying speed of the basket, but still ensure the safety of visitors from flying out of the basket. It feels great, but fun can’t describe it !

Cooking class at the Cam Thanh coconut village

In addition, visitors are also taken to explore inside the coconut forest and they are introduced to the place that sheltered soldiers during the resistance war the French.

1.2 Teaching to make lovely gifts from water coconut leaves

Coming to Cam Thanh coconut village, you will be extremely interested in the experience of teaching to make ordinary gifts from water coconut leaves such as: Grasshoppers, rings, hats…

Visitors are guided to make products from leaves at Bay Mau Coconut

1.3 Dancing, singing karaoke on the basket boat

Other forms of Hoi An eco tour, at the Cam Thanh coconut village also makes visitors have unforgettable memories of being themselves: the freedom to dance to the music, the freedom to sing with the local peoples…, the feeling of friendliness is hard to describe!

Artistic basket dance performance

1.4 Fishing trawl

Fishing trawl is one of the most common forms of survival for fishermen. However, not everyone knows how to throw fish fishing, it is also an art.

Fishing trawl

Fishing trawl performance

Exploring the Cam Thanh Hoi An coconut village, you will experience and learn how to properly throw a fishing net. This is a chance to capture the best photos with this memorable moment!

1.5 Listen to Quang folk songs

Visiting Hoi An coconut eco tourism, you will be glued by baskets along the waterway along the coconut forest, exploring the green of the coconut trees.

Tourists sing a song with fishermen

From afar, the voices of Quang people sounded sweet, imbued with the soul of the countryside. Those were the voice of the Quang girls sitting on the small boat, raising their voices to sound so sweet.

Visiting the Cam Thanh coconut forest, Hoi An eco tour ensures visitors have a very memorable and meaningful experience. Please contact to 0916 528 884 for advice and support the best price for visitors.