Cam Thanh Hoi An Eco Coconut Palm Experience Travel Guide

Bay Mau coconut ecological village Cam Thanh, Viet Nam revolutionary historical relic is located in the south of Hoi An city. Today, the coconut village at Van Lang, Thanh Nhut, is located at the foot of Cua Dai Bridge, the last of Thu Bon river flows to the sea, overlooking  Cham Island on each wave.

Basket boat dance performance at Cam Thanh Hoi An

In the past, Cam Thanh village (with another name is Thanh Chau village) has been very famous fishing, seafood development, breeding and cultivation. This place used to be famous a village on the land of Hoi An international “Silk Road” trade port.

  • What is a Cam Thanh coconut village?
  • How to come to Cam Thanh coconut village?
  • When to go to the Cam Thanh coconut village?
  • What time does the Cam Thanh coconut village open?
  • What does the Cam Thanh coconut village to offer?
  • Tickets to visit the Cam Thanh coconut village
  • What to eat in Cam Thanh coconut village?
  • What to prepare when going to Cam Thanh coconut village?

Visitor come to Bay Mau Cam Thanh Hoi An

1. Hoi An seven-acre coconut forest resort

Hoi An eco Cam Thanh Village has a very interesting activity of rowing a basket boat through the coconut forest. Bay Mau coconut forest is located in hamlets 2 and 3, Cam Thanh commune, Hoi An city, about 4 km east of Hoi An center.

Located on the route of Hoi An – Cham island, along with the favor of nature as well as the location on both sides of the river and the sea is favorable for community tourism development, 3.5km from Hoi An by road and river, it is extremely entertainment, sightseeing and experience.

Bay Mau coconut forest seen from above

Bay Mau coconut forest seen from above

Hoi An, a place full of historical and cultural tourism, craft village, island, community, Hoi An eco tour, Cam Thanh coconut forest. Let’s explore with us the historic revolutionary and ecological site of coconut forest.

2. What is a Cam Thanh coconut village?

Today, Cam Thanh Coconut forest ecological historical relic is not only for sightseeing, it is also a unique Hoi An eco tour area, with an external river system, forest combined with charming nature.

Coming to Hoi An Coconut forest, many visitors are surprised, and extremely interested in the rows of water, mixed with the typical low roof houses of Vietnamese villages. What is more interesting than rowing basket boats on the canals, to enjoy the natural fresh air

A corner of canals at Bay Mau coconut forest

In particular, local people in here are serve tourists to visit and explore the coconut forest. Most of the foreign tourists are quite fond of this place, especially visitors from Korea and European countries.

3. How to come to Cam Thanh coconut village?

Located from Hoi An ancient town, moving 3.5 km to the east in the same direction as Cham island, and located is 37 km from Da Nang city center and 13 km from south Vinpearl Hoi An amusement park to the north.

Wooden boat to visit Cam Thanh Hoi An Eco Coconut

3.1 Go to Cam Thanh coconut from Hoi An

From the center of Hoi An city: Move towards Cua Dai Beach – turn right at Le Thanh Tong street – go straight 2 km to Cua Dai Bridge – Cam Thanh village in front of you.

Transportation from Hoi An to coconut forest

  • Wooden boat: Depart​ from Bach Dang Pier, Hoi An, move to the tourist area about 30 minutes
  • ​Cars: Traveling to Cam Thanh village forest by taxi is very easy
  • ​Motorbike: The most convenient and cheap of transportation for young people who like to explore
  • ​Speed boat: After finishing Cham island tour, speed boat will take you to the coconut forest ecological area of seven acres
  • ​Electric car: From the Hoi An city to coconut forest the same motorbike way

3.2 Go to Cam Thanh Village from Da Nang

From Da Nang city: Move straight beach road – to the junction of  Cua Dai beach, turn right – go straight 700 m – turn left at the junction  and go straight 1.5 km to reach the tourist area.

4. When to go to the Cam Thanh coconut village?

Explorer Cam Than Hoi An eco tour as well as other landmarks of the central region, also has two different seasons: The dry season starts from the beginning of the year to the end of September, and the rainy season from October to December.

Each season has different natural landscapes, so to make your journey to explore the Cam Thanh coconut forest more convenient, please choose the right time for you!

Fishing trawl experience

4.1 Come to Cam Thanh village in summer

The most beautiful: After the winter is over, the spring from January to March is the time when the water-blooming coconut forest. The cool atmosphere of spring is very suitable for sightseeing and resting here.

4.1 To Cam Thanh village in autumn

From April to September, the weather gradually warms up to welcome the summer, at coconut forest is mainly rivers, coastal so the climate is much more pleasant. You should prepare sunscreen, hats, sunglasses for relaxing

From October to the end of the year is winter, especially december is the focus of the rainy season. When coming to visit here, you consider the time and weather to plan the most effective tour preparation.

5. What time does the Cam Thanh coconut village open?

5.1 In the summer

Hoi An eco coconut forest opens at 07h30 am every day, and closes at 18h30 pm.

5.2 In the winter

In winter, it’s open to visitors 30 minutes later than summer, from 08h00 open until 17h00 of the day.

The coconut forest, a place for young people to experience many interesting services, selfies. Should come from 09h00 – 11h30 or afternoon from 15h30 – 17h30 to watch the sunset gradually diving.

Sing a song at the Coconut Palm

6. What does the Cam Thanh coconut village to offer?

The coconut forest area is suitable for all visitors. We will introduce attractions that meet requirements, such as wellness, discovery and recreation. Popular basket boat moving in the coconut forest. Here are some of the most visited places at:

6.1 Riding basket boat

  • ​As the most of transportation in canals, without using engines, only using effort to steer, so it does not affect the ecological environment, basket rowing is passed down from generation to generation by fishermen.
  • ​​You find the movement of the basket boat very simple, but controlling it that you should try once in your life.

Tourists are excited when traveling by basket boat

6.2 Enjoying the art of the fisherman’s basket dance

  • ​Nowhere, is there such a diverse and unique “Chai Dance” as the coconut forest
  • ​There is no coach, no training school. Fishermen here have invented a unique basket dance, attractive to domestic and foreign tourists.

6.3 Fishing trawl

  • ​The culture of catching fish, visitors can learn to follow and be quite surprised when your own hands deserve to catch, crab, fish from Thu Bon river
  • ​For young people who love to take pictures, you can save the unique moments with the work of “fishing” under the sunrise or sunset…

Cam Thanh Hoi An cooking class experience

6.4 Cam Thanh Hoi An eco cooking class

  • ​Cooking is an art, you will be surprised when participating in the culinary exploration at ecological area.
  • ​With seafood caught in this river such as shrimp, crab, rock, clam, shellfish, and different types of snails….
  • The vegetables are grown in the home garden, all very clean and safe for visitors
  • ​The dishes that visitors should not pass such as: Pancakes, fresh spring rolls, roasted shrimp…

7. Tickets to visit the Cam Thanh coconut village

Many years ago, Hoi An tourism for free ticket, so visiting and experiencing the services here was mainly spontaneous. Currently, community tourism is on a strong development trajectory, receiving investment and professional services from the local people. Therefore, charging fees to development protection.

Making lantern class at Bay Mau Village

Below is a list of travel services for your reference!

  • ​Entrance ticket: 30,000 VND for domestic and international
  • ​Price for renting basket boat: 150,0000 VND /1 basket (maximum for 2 guests)
  • ​Watch a basket dance performance
  • Listen to songs on the river.

8. What to eat at the Bay Mau Coconut palm?

The coconut palm are countless local delicacies for tourists. We would like to share the delicious dishes you should try.

  • Grilled ​fish
  • Banana flower​ ​salad
  • Hoi An​ meat roll
  • Coconut forest fruite

Enjoy Vietnamese foods at Cam Thanh Hoi An

In addition, other dishes with typical cuisine of Quang Nam:

  • Wonton
  • Quang noodles
  • Hoi An Chiken rice
  • Spring rolls
  • Pancakes

8.1 Special seafood from Cham island

  • Steamed or grilled rock crab
  • Abalone sesami
  • Grilled squid
  • Steamed Snail
  • Grilled sea urchin….

You should send as your request for seafood before 1 day, when traveling to the coconut forest! you don’t have to worry about what to eat.

9. What to prepare when going to Cam Thanh coconut village?

For the convenience of exploring the Cam Thanh coconut forest tour. We are local people, we want to share the best advice for you

  • Always wear a life jacket when sitting on a basket boat
  • ​Limit moving on basket boats
  • ​Prepare a waterproof bag for electronics
  • ​Should wear slippers or sports shoes is the most reasonable
  • Sunscreen
  • ​Carry umbrellas, conical hats
  • ​Antitussive drugs for motion sickness

10. Cam Thanh Hoi An eco tour

If you are planning Hoi An eco trip, your family has older people or childrens, then a package tour Hoi An coconut village is a great choice.

You can refer any tour the following as: