What Things To Eats When Come To Travel At Hoi An?

Hoi An Street Food – a good chance to whom love Vietnam cuisine. It is so regret if you skip 6 delicious dishes since visiting  Hoi An. What is it?

1. Chicken Rice (Cơm gà Hội An)

Different to other Chicken Rice dish with other region, Hoi An Chicken Rice does not bring the feeling of fullness but always create a feeling of craving.

The rice was fried then boiled with chicken, torn small, squeezed with onions, herbs from Tra Quế Vegetable and spices show cuisine of the Central. Eating you will feel the natural sweet of chicken and fragrant aromatic in your mouth. 

Hoi An Chicken food

Hoi An Chicken food

Some famous chicken rice in Hoi An: Bà Buội, Bà Nga, and some along Phan Chu Trinh Street. It cost @ 40.000 đồng/dish chicken rice.

2. Hoi An Bread (Bánh Mì)

It can be said that Ms.Phuong Bread and Madame Khanh bread are the most typical names for Hoi An bread with variety of meat and special sauce.

Hoi An Bread

Hoi An Bread

You will see a variety of meat, grilled, jam bong, pate, homemade sauce, chili, herbs of Tra Que village. All make a perfect cake that is hard to find anywhere else besides Hoi An. It cost @ 20,000 dong/bread.

It is both cheap and delicious. There is no reason for you to skip bread when coming to Hoi An. Ms.Phuong Bread is located on Phan Chau Trinh St, you must line up & wait for your turn to buy it.

3. Hoi An Barbecue Pork (Thịt nướng)

You had to wait till 2 or 3 o’clock in the afternoon to taste this dish. If you want to enjoy it gently, can do step by step with firstly use rice paper, mì lá, raw Trà Quế vegetable, grilled pork, roll all together and dip in the homemade sauce then enjoy.

Hoi An Bebecure

Hoi An Barbecue

Wow! a great feeling cannot describe. if not, you can immediately just hold the grill pork stick still hot from barbecued stove coal and eating, it may burn your mouth, but taste may not necessary to discuss. It is so amazing. Oh my god!!! It takes @ 5.000 đong/stick near Japanese Bridge.

4. Cao Lau Hoi An

Once come to Hoi An, you absolutely have to try Cao Lau which is considered specialties of Hoi An dishes. It is made extremely complicated is that the water to make Cao Lau must be get from the water of Ba Le Well. 

Cau Lau Hoi An

Cau Lau Hoi An

Cao Lau doesn’t need broth, but replace for special sauce from sautéed pork with soya and greasy taffy. To make sautéed pork, must choose tenderloin pork, marinated spices and flavors. Each Cao Lau take @ 30.000 vnd/bowl.

5. Quảng Noodle (Mì Quảng)

Mi Quang is one kind of noodle. It makes from noodle with grated rice flour and thinly sliced, then slice into thin noodles about 2mm thick. Quảng Noodle enjoy with raw vegetable, pork, shrimp, chicken combine with broth stewed from the bones. 

Quang Noldle

Quang Noodle

This dish also add dried bean, roasted parsley, chop green onions, herbs, peppers. Let taste it, so amazing.

6. Hoi An Pancake (Bánh xèo)

Banh Xeo is considered the fantastic snack food in Hoi An in the cold season. For the reason is that in this season, can catch a lot of shrimp and it quality is so good and sweet, and shrimp also the main ingredient for pancakes. 

Hoi An Pancake

Hoi An Pancake

It will be more delicious if has just take out from the hot pan and use your hand to eat, not use chopsticks or forks. Wow! Dip the pancake roll in the bowl of sweet and sour fish sauce, how flavor it is! 

7. Hoi An Ice Cream tube

Unlike to other type of ice cream, Hoi An Ice cream tube is very special, it would be very interesting to feel cold as well as sweetness on your tongue. The Ice cream is made in a small aluminum tubes which is called tube ice cream. 

Hoi An Ice Cream

Hoi An Ice Cream

Because of it light sweet, it is easily make sense for both adults and children. It has many flavors like chocolate, coconut milk, strawberry, durian, green bean etc.